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Frameless glass pools are the perfect choice for your pool fencing needs. A frameless glass pool fence is a type of fence that’s made from tempered glass panels that are stuck to the ground using stainless steel or even recessed down a channel. Frameless glass pool fencing has tempered glass that’s around 12 mm thick and the stainless steel hardware is made to be hidden, providing a modern and sleek look. At our company, we specialise in quality and reliable frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne, ensuring a sleek and classic design for your pool space. Here’s why we’re the best at transforming your pool space.

Our Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Services

Frameless glass pool fencing is a contemporary solution that combines beauty and functionality. Frameless glass pool fencing uses high-quality toughened glass panels with no visible face, thus creating an illusion of space, and making your pool appear larger. Our experts carefully install each glass panel and precisely install the stainless steel either directly or through hidden channels, ensuring a seamless unobstructed view of the pool. We do all these while ensuring maximum safety and compliance with Melbourne pool safety regulations.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne

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Why Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?


Frameless glass pool fences have a beautiful and elegant surface and finish, providing your pool with this classic look. The transparency of the tempered glass illuminates the pool, making it larger and more beautiful. Frameless glass fencing offers an unobstructed view of the pool, especially when you’re seated inside the house.


Tempered glass is safe and highly secure especially when exposed to moderate pressure and forces. Despite their delicate appearance, frameless glass is incredibly sturdy and provides a secure barrier, especially for pets and children. The material can withstand heavy winds while deterring leaves, branches, and debris from wandering into the pool.


Frameless glass is easy to clean and maintain and tends to maintain its pristine condition with ease. Homeowners will incur little effort and less cost to maintain the pool, ensuring they get value for money. For commercial pool operators, frameless glass is the perfect option for cutting down on pool maintenance costs.


Frameless glass pool fencing is available in many different shapes and sizes. Frameless glass seamlessly adapts to any landscape, providing a perfect and tailored fit to any platform.

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Our team of experts ensures precise installations, ensuring every panel is handled carefully and every steel is installed efficiently.


We offer a wide range of customisation options, allowing you to choose the pool height, glass thickness, and hardware finishes.


We understand Melbourne’s regulations and pool safety standards and work within established operational regulations to ensure your pool meets all requirements.


From inception to completion, we offer superior customer service, ensuring our dedicated customer service provides personalised assistance at every stage of your project.

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