What Is The Difference Between Frameless And Framed Glass Pool Fencing?

As Melbourne homeowners go over the choices of picking out a pool fence, the decision between a framed and frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne is one of the most defining parts of their pool’s final look.

It is undisputed that a glass pool fence elevates the look of your pool. Now you need to decide between framed or frameless glass pool fencing.

While framed glass pool fences have been around for ages, frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne is gaining popularity every day. Both of these options serve different purposes and have a unique look and style.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne

Which one is best suited for you depends entirely on what style you prefer and what functionality you want out of it.

5 Major Differences Between Frameless And Framed Glass Pool Fencing

To help you choose between framed and frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne, we have taken some points from our experts to give you insights into the major differences between the two options.


Structural Stability

The structural integrity of frameless glass fencing relies heavily on its base support system, which is secured by spigots or channels. While appearing delicate, the size, weight and support of glass panels ensure that frameless designs meet the safety standards, providing a secure barrier around the pool.

Framed glass pool fencing has a steel framework of vertical and horizontal posts, a visibly sturdy structure. This design is best suited in locations with high wind loads or public pools where fence visibility is also crucial.



Frameless glass pool fencing is perceived as a premium option because more engineering goes into making the structure sturdy. This technically requires meticulous installation requirements and exceptional craftsmanship. Which is why frameless glass pool fencing is more expensive than framed glass pool fencing.

But if you’re looking for style on a budget, then framed glass pool fencing is a good option. The additional framework components make the job simple, and that’s why framed glass pool fencing is more cost-effective.



A frameless glass pool fencing requires precise measurements and expert installation to maintain a seamless appearance. Even a tiny mistake can mess things up, which is why if you are going for frameless glass pool fencing, we recommend hiring the best installers of frameless glass pool fencing in Melbourne.

On the other hand, the installation process for the framed glass pool fence is simpler. Because of a complete structure, this fence can easily be installed on a slightly variable ground level.



With no supporting posts, frameless glass pool fencing is generally easier to clean and maintain. The absence of frames reduces the likelihood of dirt accumulation in crevices, simplifying the upkeep of the fence.

But framed designs may require slightly more attention to keep the frames clean and the supporting posts rust-free. So if you’re someone who hates to clean your pool fence or seeing imperfections building up eventually, you need to do proper maintenance tasks, or simply choose frameless glass pool fencing.



This can be quite obvious, of course. Frameless glass pool fencing offers an unobstructed, minimalist appearance, suited for an elegant look. The absence of vertical or horizontal support posts provides an uninterrupted view of the pool and its surroundings.

Framed glass pool fencing is also beautiful in its own way. While the supporting steel posts are visible, they can still be used to beautify your poolside. This type of fencing is best suited for commercial properties or homes with kids where both fence visibility and beauty are the goal.

Get The Most Beautiful Frameless Glass Pool Fencing In Melbourne

These are the major differences between framed and frameless glass pool fencing. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Whatever suits your home, budget, and preference is the option you should go for.

Call today for the best frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne!

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